Dagmar Wirtz


Dagmar Wirtz is the CEO of 3WIN. Since founding the company in 1999, she has received multiple awards for her visionary management style. She is considered a model entrepreneur by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics, Family, and Youth. Dagmar served as a founding member of a think tank that helped regional companies adopt digital skills. German magazine Stern awarded Dagmar for her socially oriented way of managing employees and the way in which she and 3WIN handled challenging economic times in the industry. Stern also gave Dagmar top marks for 3WIN’s progress in digital transformation and changing the culture and working style.

3WIN is a family business located in Aachen, Germany. The company manufactures individual high-precision parts, small assemblies, and complete machines using latest technologies and AGILE production methods. 3WIN relies on its cooperation with highly ranked universities to keep up with the latest developments in the field of mechanical engineering. Customers consider 3WIN a creative partner in the production and optimization of individual parts, assemblies, and turnkey solutions.

Key Theme: Make Ideas Happen—Openness, Honesty, and Innovation

Dagmar promotes openness, honesty, and innovation throughout her company. She is willing to approve almost any project if employees had good reasons to start the initiative and can explain its potential value for 3WIN—even if she personally had not considered it before. She sees innovative experimentation as a “hobby” of her company, affectionately calling it her “craft room.” This open-minded, innovation-based approach is a core part of Dagmar’s strategy in leading her medium-size family business. She believes that innovation in mechanical engineering can only happen when a concept is implemented; turning an engineering model into reality is the only way to learn and innovate. Dagmar’s reliance on this ambidextrous approach and her collaborative projects with industry, universities, and institutes have positioned 3WIN as a prime example of trustworthy mechanical engineering that is “Made in Germany.”

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