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Supporting Leaders in their Digital Transformation Journey 

 Digital transformation is taking the world by storm—and everyone in the organization is, or will be, touched by it.  We consider digital transformation to be a significant change in the basic pattern of how organizations create value.  Here we describe the various solutions we think you would most value.  

Assessment Tools
Start with facts about you & your organization
  • Digital Leadership Self-assessment tool goes deeper. It answers the question: is there something innate about these leaders' human dimensions that better equips them to lead a digital transformation.  Are they wired differently?  It is intended to provide leaders inspiration to reflect and improve aspects of their leadership based on science.
  • Patterns of Digitization survey examines every aspect of how digital transformation is implemented in organizations.  It looks at companies' business strategies, resource allocation, design practices, and how the leaders actually communicate with employees.
  • Winning Formula offers the reader the key actions successful digital leaders are taking to propel their organization's transformation.  Our recommendation is to test yourself.  There are two ways you can do this.  You can simply rate yourself 1 to 5 on each item, or you can have others in your organization test you. While the latter approach is definitely riskier, it does exhibit your willingness to reveal vulnerability. This says to your team, "I trust you, and I want you to trust me." This simple act is the first step towards making you a successful digital leader. 
Speaking engagements to share thought leadership

We have studied the phenomenon of digital transformation over the last five years.  We know what makes it successful.  With 75+ years of combined experience in leading large-scale digital transformations, we look forward to sharing our insights in conferences, industry groups, professional organizations, and educational institutions worldwide. 

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Advisory Services & Consulting
Digital transformation & digital leadership advisory services and consulting (through FIR, RWTH Aachen)