Dominik Schlicht

CEO, Talbot New Energy AG


Dominik Schlicht is the CEO of Talbot New Energy AG. The company was founded in 2011 by the Talbot family with the aim of developing technologies in the field of energy efficiency and to build and sell the resulting products. The Talbot STP—Steam to Power—is an innovative, production-ready energy efficiency system that uses industrial-process steam in the low-pressure range. Talbot New Energy offers the profitable generation of green electrical energy, improves the energy balance of customer companies, and sustainably relieves the burden on the environment. Prior to his role as CEO, Dominik was the Head of Engineering, Product Optimization, and Special Affairs at ABB Power Grids (now Hitachi ABB Power Grids), driving the digital, lean transformation for High Voltage Services, restructuring and leading the technical department, and transforming technical know-how into strategic key success factors. Dominik was also the Head of Aftermarket Business at Voith Turbo, a specialized company for intelligent drive technology in Essen, Germany, where he was involved in the analysis, optimization, and digitalization of service processes.

Key Theme: Listening Is the Key for Transformation

“In the end, only the result counts. In order to achieve those results, we need to connect with strategic partners and build a trusting relationships between suppliers and customers. We never let our customers down. To do that, we have to connect customer needs to our employees’ perceptions and build mutual trust. We have to listen carefully to employees, integrate their feedback, appreciate their work, and observe and manage their fears. This is the basis for the success of digital transformation.”

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